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Topgolf Multisport Games

Our state of the art Topgolf Swing Suite features multisport games any fan would be thrilled to play! With competitive and casual options of play, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

top golf multisport baseball pitching

Baseball Pitching

Take the mound against a team of sluggers looking to destroy your every pitch. Just don’t let them take you deep because you only have 9 pitches and the game is on the line.

Baseball Tips
top golf multisport carnival classic

Carnival Classic

Test your throwing skills in classic carnival style games. Throw a baseball to destroy as many plates, balloons, or bottles as you can in these fast-paced games of accuracy.

Carnival Classic Tips
top golf multisport hockey shots

Hockey Shots

No need to lace up your skates in this ice rink. Grab a street hockey ball and stick and take aim at various targets in the net. You get 8 shots, so make them count!

Hockey Shots Tips
top golf multisport jewel jam

Jewel Jam

In our take on the classic match-three style game, a little precision and a lot of luck could start a chain reaction that sends you to the top of the leaderboard.

Jewel Jam Tips
top golf multisport quarterback challenge

Quarterback Challenge

Drive down the field against a tough defense looking to stop you from scoring a game-winning touchdown. Your wide receivers are counting on you being a very accurate quarterback.

Quarterback Challenge Tips
top golf multisport soccer


The goal is simple: You get 5 kicks to get the ball past the All-Star keeper and find the back of the net.

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top golf multisport zombie dodgeball

Zombie Dodgeball

Prevent zombies from reaching the fence by hitting them with dodgeballs until time runs out.

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top golf multisport virtual golf

Virtual Golf

Play the top courses from around the world, complete with immaculate fairways, crosscut greens, water hazards and even wildlife.

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